Rob’s birthday is 28th December. In 2016, as a different and special present, our daughter Rhianna produced a calendar for the year to come, using photos from the corresponding month in the previous year (eg March 2017 has a photo from March 2016).

The tradition has continued, and this year’s 2023 Anacotilla Springs Calendar is the seventh in the series. The photos are beautiful and memorable in themselves, and we enjoy the fact that they are chosen from a slightly different perspective to our own. We turn the calendar over at each new month with a special ceremony.

We keep all previous Calendars in ‘The Annexe’ accommodation where visitors have commented how pleasing it was to look through the previous calendars, so we thought you may enjoy them as well!

2023 Calendar – the year of settling in

2022 Calendar – the year of the build

2021 Calendar – the year of changes

2020 Calendar