We have created this website as a record of our activities, and for others who may find it of interest. When we began this project, we were novices in the world of environmental management and farming, and found great help from websites and others who had undertaken similar projects. We intend to provide more detailed content and comment via this website over time which may assist others in the same way.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy visiting the site and please feel free to contact us if you would like more details on any subject or even to visit Anacotilla Springs.

Rob Malone and Pamela Wright

Email: enquiries at anacotillasprings.com.au (have used at instead of @ to reduce spam!)
Postal: RSD Lot103 7421 Main South Road, Second Valley, SA 5204
Address: Lot103 7421 Main South Road, Second Valley
(address is recognised on Google Maps as Anacotilla Springs or 7421 Main South Road Second Valley)


Similar projects Lot 50-Kanyanyapilla
A bi-cultural ecological and cultural regeneration project in McLaren Vale.

Visit the site or have a look here at the over 6 year timelapse video (to 2023) of the magnificent changes that an individual and community can make to an environment.

Yarnauwi Farm
An experiment in viable, sustainable, small farming on land also formally part of Anacotilla Station
Support Landscape South Australia – Hill Fleurieu
South Australian Government agency which aims to balance the needs of people with those of nature through managing, protecting and, in some cases, restoring the region’s precious natural resources
Community Second Valley Progress Association
Community group which works toward improvement of facilities, and takes an interest in the local history and natural resources of the region
Yankalilla and District Historical Society Inc
Community group which promotes community interest in local history, encouraging the preservation of historical buildings and sites, and collecting and recording items of historical interest in the district
Birders BirdsSA
Not-for-profit organisation for birds and bird watchers in South Australia.
Fleurieu Environment Centre
Not-for-profit organisation that supports natural resource management information and initiatives within the region
The Region Fleurieu Peninsula and southaustralia.com – Fleurieu Peninsula
Activities available on the Fleurieu Peninsula – places to eat, drink and stay, things to do
Yankalilla video
Video showing Yankalilla and surrounds

Updated 17 Mar 2021