House site
The house site position was determined to provide easy access to South Road from the main entrance and to be on the highest point on Lot102 title to make the most of the views. There were a number of delays before work started, then off and on depending on the weather and other work commitments of the contractor. Rain slowed things down a bit and then rock!  This required a number of days of rock breaking through a combination of shail and hard solid rock.  The positive side of this is we didn’t have to put in retaining walls and we now have our own rock face as a backdrop!
We had to get the bench all level and with dolomite in preparation of the delivery of the water tanks. Got it done with a few hours to spare!

The Shed
The shed is large enough, 15m x 7.8m x 3m to allow storage of cars and equipment on a farm. The open carport area is 6m wide to allow a car entry with plenty of room to open doors and allow for wheelchair access. From the carport is direct undercover access to the house veranda and entry doors. The internal roof of the shed is high due to the 25 degree angle, this is to enable solar panels to be directly attached to the roof rather than having to use frames which could be vulnerable during high winds. The shed roof angle is facing north for optimum all year solar collection.

Updated 11 Jul 2019